recently, i received exciting news: i was accepted to Kripalu's esteemed school of Ayurveda advanced teacher training program to receive my 500-hr certification! i have been working towards my 500-hr training for some time now; waiting for a program that fit perfectly. after six years and thousands of hours of teaching under my belt, i feel fully confident that this is the program i am meant to attend. 

this program is a natural fusion of my love for holistic health, healing, and movement. i was able to explore this love in greater depth at Naropa, where my interest in Ayurveda as it relates to mental and emotional health piqued. in this setting, i wrote my master's paper on the use of Ayurveda and dance/movement therapy to support emotional balance for individuals. less than two months after graduation, my work was recognized and published.

attending this training at Kripalu will equip me with the skills and certifications necessary to bring this work into the world. now that i am a dance therapist in the field, i witness the need for holistic health and embodied interventions on a daily basis. one of my biggest drives in doing the work that i do is to bring the work of yoga, Ayurveda, and dance/movement therapy to those who would not normally receive it. i'm on a mission to make this work accessible not only through cost, but through reach

please help me get there -- donations at any and all amounts are received with full gratitude and appreciation. 

Authormarissa angeletti