dharma work 

the foundation: (dharma) - to be rooted in oneself. to connect with what brings you joy; what brings you purpose; and where you find meaning. our work here will examine the places where your roots may be tangled. we will look at what may be getting in the way of your innermost joy or wisdom, and then identify the ways in which to bring it back boldly. 

dharma is the deep, dirty, delicious work of digging into your own soil and discovering your roots. this is for you if you are feeling tired, depleted, or frustrated with circumstances in your life. maybe you've tried other forms of healing work and haven't received the results you're seeking. if you've ever felt you don't quite have the words for something you're going through, this is the place where I'd like to introduce you to the language of your body, and your inner self. here, we talk, yes; but, the verbal narrative is not always the focus. here, we ask the body what it thinks, and what it feels, and how it wants to connect with the mind.

dharma work is the fusion of yoga, Ayurveda, and somatic psychology. this is therapy, redefined.   

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$110/60 minute session

$130/90 minute session 

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