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Seasonal Ayurveda Practice: Reflection & Vibrancy for Winter

  • Kindness Yoga Hilltop 455 S. Hudson Stet Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

The winter season is a time of coolness, darkness, slowness, and stillness. We see this around us in nature as the fast pace of the fall season, filled with change, begins to settle. Once the movement of the fall harvest, colorful leaves, and fluctuating weather settles, we are invited to do the same: winter is a time to rest in order to create space for yourself and your deepest visions to manifest. This time of year is potent for harnessing intuition and mobilizing your creativity and emotional intelligence, but it may also promote feelings of coldness, lethargy, or stuckness.

Find balance and ease this winter through a warming, invigorating, and expansive practice filled with nourishing asana, pranayama, meditation and discussion. We will focus on ways to create your own inner light and warmth this time of year, as the external light and warmth wanes. Learn the wisdom of slowing down and turning within to find your own natural rhythm, deepest sense of self, clarity, and strength. This workshop will enliven you from the inside out, balance and replenish your body, and empower you to live and practice with greater ease. We will end our time together with a mini self-oil massage, abhyanga, so please bring clothing that is easily moved out of the way to access the arms, hands, legs, and feet.

This is balancing and replenishing for all, no matter what your dominant dosha or imbalance may be. We are all affected by the seasons; therefore, we will focus on best practices and techniques to stay vibrant and healthy season to season.