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Exploring and Embracing Shadow

  • Bhavana Collective 3704 Franklin St Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

This intensive workshop will promote a greater sense of balance and ease within the individual. We’ll go deep, using what we perceive as unwanted, challenging, or opposite qualities in order to come to a greater sense of fullness. The idea of the shadow self may sound intriguing and/or intimidating because it has not yet been explored as a valuable aspect of one’s experience — what is the wisdom that the shadow piece or behavior is trying to offer? This is a space to dig deeply into the philosophical aspects of yin and vinyasa that relate to this piece. We will navigate and move the body in ways that supports the exploration of the unknown and welcomes the challenging bits.

Expect to learn about yoga’s complementary, sister science, Ayurveda, and how to use the Dosha system to create more empowered and embodied movement physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically in your life. Basic elements of somatic psychology and Dance/Movement therapy will also be explored as a means to connect with the other group participants, as well to support the deepening of self-study and growth.

Students interested in this workshop are those who are either doing, or want to do, deep levels of personal work and inquiry: they are interested in a holistic practice beyond just asana, and how elements of their life off the mat influence their practice on the mat, and vice versa. They want to move and sweat, but also soften and release. They are seeking balance. These people inherently value the mind/body connection, yet want to understand it more deeply. They have a craving to know themselves more intimately so that they can show up more completely.

Our weekend will begin with a communal, tri-doshic Ayurvedic meal on Friday night where we will have time to connect and ease into our time together.

Earlier Event: August 9
Yin and the shadow