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Seasonal Ayurveda Practice

  • Kindness Yoga 455 South Hudson Street Denver, CO, 80246 United States (map)

Summer is often a time of excitement, engagement, and play! Nature celebrates herself in the summer season with abundant sunshine, vibrant colors, and fresh produce. In turn, we too feel pulled to engage with ourselves and the world around us in more active ways. This season is a powerful time for accessing your vitality & strength, enjoying time outdoors, and spending time with others. However, it may also create excessive heat & movement, irritiability, or exhaustion due to the increased presence of the fire element, or Pitta dosha.

Stay calm, cool, and collected this summer as you gain the knowledge to apply the most effective seasonal tools to your yoga practice and lifestyle. You will learn to cultivate balance and ease this summer through a soothing, cooling, refreshing, and restorative practice filled with calming asana, pranayama, meditation and discussion. Learn how to self-soothe and regulate in order to tap into your own natural rhythm for clarity, strength, and peace.

This workshop will soften you from the inside out, balance and replenish your body, and empower you to live and practice with greater ease. This is balancing and replenishing for all, no matter what your dominant dosha or imbalance may be. We are all affected by the seasons; therefore, we will focus on best practices and techniques to stay vibrant and healthy season to season. Please wear comfortable clothing that is easily moved out of the way, as we will end with a cooling and refreshing self-oil massage, abhyanga.

In addition, you will learn:

  • The 5 elements of Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas

  • Lifestyle, diet, and herbal support for Pitta season

  • How to adjust your yoga practice for the summer season 

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