is an 8-week long experiential group focused on food, body image, and body LOVE that will begin in July 2018. yeah, I said it: love. it's charged and challenging, but dear ones, I know from experience that it's available. as a woman with a personal history of disordered eating and body dysmorphia, and now a professional who works with eating disorders, I know this: it's not easy. it often doesn't make sense. and: body love doesn't necessarily mean a head-over-heels-honeymoon relationship with one's body. it means forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional presence. and that's something I know you have inside of you.

we'll build connection  to ourselves through our bodies slowly and systemically in order to access this form of body love. we'll work from the ground up using the grand trifecta: yoga, Ayurveda, and somatic psychology.  this is a unique opportunity to reconnect, re-emBODY, and redefine your relationship to yourself, your body, and food. 

in this group, we will explore:

  • emotional vs. physical hunger
  • body connectivity -> body neutrality -> body acceptance -> body love
  • challenges with body image
  • yoga and movement's role in relationship to body and food
  • Ayurveda's perspective on food and food rules

$100 deposit required to claim your commitment and hold your space -- early bird pricing until June 21st! Payment plans always available.  

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Program cost: $325

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