Marissa opened up the world of yoga and ayurveda in a healing way. She is very approachable, insightful, and warm. I leave her group classes feeling incredibly grounded. I also took her Ayurveda workshop last winter. I’ve never entered anxiety-ridden Fall (early darkness) feeling so grounded! I’m not just getting by I’m really enjoying the season by using the knowledge I learned in her workshop. I decided to do a one on one session to work more closely with my anxiety. During the session, I learned that Marissa has deep insights into somatic therapy. Her influence is a big reason I decided to pursue yoga teacher training! She has a lot of ongoing knowledge and passion in her field and transfers it effectively into her workshops and yoga instruction.
— Nicole K.
It’s not every day that you find both a content expert and master educator coming together in such an enlivening, energizing, and enthusiastic manner. You will leave with a deeper conceptual understanding of how yoga and Ayurveda support one another along with specific practices you can begin to use immediately to put all of those wonderful ideas to work for your personal health and spiritual growth.
— Ryan K.

Marissa is a natural healer with a gentle, kind and loving soul. I cannot recommend her enough as a yoga teacher and as a yoga teacher’s teacher, which is my experience with her. I was so impressed with her aura of healing (I’m not the kind of person that usually uses that word, but yeah, Marissa has a healing aura) that I wanted to observe her teaching and learn as much about how to be a better yoga teacher from it as I could. After observing a class, we were required to ask a few questions by email. The responses I received from Marissa were the most thorough and helpful responses I got from any of my YTT observations. That wasn’t a requirement, she could have just answered quickly and sent something off and considered the box checked. She went above and beyond because, I believe, she cares about training better yoga teachers to help more people heal in the way yogis know yoga can heal.
— Staphanie M.