In lokahmotion

What Moves You?

In Lokahmotion :: moving together. (Lokah) Sanskrit gives us this word for all beings, all times, all locations. In Lokahmotion believes that we are always in movement: seeking, searching, growing, learning, loving, healing, connecting. In this way, In Lokahmotion acknowledges that movement can be internal or external, physical or otherwise. In Lokahmotion values the principle of movement as the principle of health and vitality.

Through the healing alchemy of yoga, Ayurveda, and somatic therapy, In Lokahmotion will support you to get in your body to get out of your head.

Marissa is inspired to share the modalities that have served her personal healing process the most. This allows her to remain open-hearted, empathic, and attuned to your personal journey and needs. In Lokahmotion is based on the principle that health and balance are the body’s natural state of being -- its right -- and through personal and professional practice, Marissa has found somatically-informed, holistic modalities to be most effective in restoring one’s right to health.

About Marissa

Marissa Angeletti, M.A., R-DMT, E-RYT 200, RYT-500, YACEP, is a somatic therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, movement-based trauma specialist, and therapeutic movement educator and practitioner. Her passion for embodied and holistic health runs parallel to her passion for holistic, embodied learning.


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