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Yin and the shadow

  • Kindness Yoga 455 S Hudson St Denver, CO, 80246 United States (map)

Over time, our experiences get embedded in the tissues of the physical body: our body literally becomes a map, or representation, of what is occurring for us on deeper levels of our experience. In this workshop, we will explore the value of settling into stillness as we target the energetic meridians of the body that correspond to physical, emotional, mental, and energetic well-being. In going deep into our holistic, lived experience through the body, we have access to stored or repressed elements of self -- aka, our "shadow" -- those pieces of our lived experience or ourselves that present a challenge; that are unfamiliar; or that have not yet been fully integrated.

The idea of the shadow may sound intriguing and/or intimidating because it has not yet been explored as a valuable aspect of one's experience -- and this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to explore what wisdom the shadow piece is trying to offer you. The yin yoga practice itself could be called a shadow of our more active yoga and movement practices. It provides the space and the opportunity to create balance through slowing down, tuning in, and listening to what arises in the moment. As we dig into the philosophical aspects of yin yoga, we will work on integrating all parts of experience in order to come into a sense of fullness. You can expect to leave this workshop with tools on how to stay present with a broader range of sensation, feeling, and thought and a newfound sense of clarity.